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Being Outside – Earth Day 2012 / 22.04.12

At church this morning Kallie and I found ourselves in a discussion about hope and sight. A friend said something that ignited in me thoughts about Fueled By Rice: he said according to statistics we* spend between 60 and 90 percent of our time indoors. Indoors is a world of our own construction. We build houses, engineer buildings, plan the space conveniently for our needs and wants—plenty of bathrooms, plenty of counter space, plenty of electrical outlets… It is a world we can control. As Cat Stevens says, “You can switch on summer from a slot machine.

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How it all began (again) / 15.04.12

I saw Andrew working on his bike one sunny afternoon in May outside of our apartment complex in Holland, Michigan. I had always wanted to strike up a conversation with Andrew, but was usually too shy and just settled for a quick “hi.” This time was different. “Hey! Where did you learn to fix bikes?” I asked. “Oh, here and there… on the road,” he replied nonchalantly. After practically prying it out of his mouth, I learned that Andrew was part of a group, Fueled By Rice, which bicycled from Beijing to Paris from 2007-2008. I was astounded. “We have to talk when I get back from India!”

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Welcome to Fueled By Rice / 15.04.12

Left to right: Andrew, Devin, Tori, and Kallie.

Welcome to Fueled By Rice. This is the journal / scrapbook for our journey that includes Andrew, Devin, Kallie, Lindsey, Peter, and Tori. Our trip will begin in August 2012 from Frankfurt, Germany. We are starting with Andrew, Kallie, Devin, and Tori. Peter and Lindsey will be joining at some later point.

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