Out of the Schengen Territories / 23.11.12

As US citizens, we are allowed 90 days in the Schengen Territories (most of what is considered Europe). Normally that is enough time to do what needs be done for travelers — but when on a bicycle, 90 days proves barely enough. Around Florence, Italy, Devin did some math and we had a meeting. We weren’t going to make it out in time at the rate we were traveling with the plans we had.

So, in the last few days FBR has split into its couples once again, this time Devin and Tori to Istanbul, Lindsey and Peter to Bulgaria, and Andrew and Kallie to the coast of Turkey by ferry. Perhaps we should assign letters of our acronym FBR to each couple… we’ll be couple “R”.

R has spent these last few days in the city of Sel├žuk, next to ancient Ephesus. We explored the ruins today, noticed a lot of tourists and cats, and tried to capture the magnitude of historical significance we were walking all over. Meanwhile we are battling strange currents that beg further reflection; currents of traveling and tourism, of being a person and being an object, something to photograph and someone to squeeze money out of…

But so far we are having our share of Doner Kepab and allowing ourselves a few days to learn the ropes around this part of the world.




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