Andrew and Kallie Honeymoon Phase / 01.02.13

Hey all,

Kallie and I are well into our final phase of this 6 month journey, the Honeymoon Phase in Thailand. We’ve spent a slow and relaxing week on the beach here about 3 hours south of Bangkok, near a town called Pran Buri. Our first few days we splurged for a 5-star hotel (check out the pics on Flickr), and after that have found something quite nice by our standards, and reasonably priced as well.

Most days we spend sleeping in, grabbing a coffee and some breakfast, and heading down to our new friend Colin’s kite boarding shack (Airstylers–highly recommended!). He’s given us a couple lessons, when the wind has been favorable. We spend the day reading, relaxing, and waiting for wind typically. Besides that we are free to wander around the beach, go swimming, explore the area on our rented moped, and sample some of the fruits and fares of Thailand. (We’ve found where they keep the Magnum ice cream bars at the local shop, and nearly bought them out…).

Even though we have left our bike in storage at the airport, and are therefore no longer cycling, we still hope to be able to post a few experiences and pictures from this phase of our adventure. We ask the readers’ patience in sorting out who of FBR is where and for what purpose at this point.

Here’s a cheat sheet:

Devin and Tori: back in USA since December
Lindsey: Uganda for Med school studies
Peter and Steve: Myanmar (Burma), still cycling
+ friend Patrick…
Andrew and Kallie: Thai beaches for another week or so

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  1. Netzy said on February 2, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Have fun you two! A relaxing time has been earned. Netzy

  2. Miguel Amélie GOMEZ said on February 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm


    Un peu tardif mais nous vous souhaitons une très banne année et prenons beaucoup de plaisirs à vous lire.

    On vous embrasse surtout les enfants.


    La famille gomez

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