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Chapter Two: A Lesson in Limping & the Importance of Flexibility / 18.11.12

In the aftermath of the accident, I realized the pain that remained was in my upper leg, and my pride. In spite of the injury, Devin and I cycled 60 km the next morning to the town of Antiebs where a possible host and the promise of rest and recuperation lived. After a beautiful yet painful ride along the rocky coastal roads, we arrived in Antieb to find not our host Manford, but instead his temporary roommate named Juliana- and adorable student from Columbia. She was kind, laid back, a bit bubbly and the apartment was comfy and calm- just what I needed to shake the pounding headache and rest my leg in peace.

Shortly after settling in she told us she was having a couple friends over to make pizza, and invited us to join- a low key night with pizza, perfect! By midnight fourteen of her friends had arrived, each bringing a bottle of wine or liquor and an endless supply of beer. They were all ¬†students around our age and came from all over the world to earn a European Maters in Renewable Energy. ¬†Every person there was awesome, friendly, talkative, and knew English well enough to be our best friend by the end of the evening. Music blasted while custom pizzas flew in and out of the oven- some with eggs on top and even “Mr.Pizza” were created and devoured. Great conversation, music swapping and even dancing pushed until the early hours of morning, and then it all ended with a bang- literally.

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A Day in the Life / 16.09.12

We try to wake up each morning at 7 so we can be on the road at 8. For some reason, I wake up at 6:30 each morning (maybe the turning of the earth toward the sun’s rays…). I first put on my bike clothes and pack my sleeping bag and pad. Then I zip myself out of the tent and peruse the stuff, usually dew-covered in our camping spot next to a corn field or in a woods. After whatever is most urgent, I flick a few slugs off of the CAMP GEAR bag, and pull out what we need for breakfast–most often bread, cheese, fruit, jam, and chocolate spread. Then I begin to load our trailer, Bob. Bob has been good to us, but also has received his fair share of curses, especially when we’re going up steep hills. It’s really not his fault. We put him up to it.

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