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Chapter One: Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall… / 17.11.12

When I think back to my travels in the French Rivera I see palm trees, sunny beaches, beautiful salt water waves, and that one curb that ruined it all. It has now been a month since I flew off of my bike onto the pavement below and slowed my pace to a record low- stationary. A minor concussion, scrapes and bruises have since healed, but a tear to a small muscle in my leg has made me switch gears and paths for this trip.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? It’s a long story but worth sharing I think, and mostly true…

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Germany in a nutshell / 29.10.12

Scale: 1-10 (1= lowest, 10= highest)
Overall Cycle-ability 8
Traffic 9
Bike Paths 9
Signage 9
Road condition 8
Bike shops 9
Water 4
Toilets 3
Wild Camping 7
Friendliness/attitude towards bikers 7
Average Cost of Groceries 7
Language 9
Scenery 5

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