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FBR part II / 11.12.12

Fueled By Rice has spent over a week in the city of Istanbul, enjoying mountains of baklava, heaps of kebabs, and oceans of tea. At this time however, this great crossroads of a city marks a transition for our group. Devin and Tori will be returning to the USA as Kallie, Lindsey, Peter, and I fly east to India. FBR India will gain one more friend, Steve, and proceed as five. FBR Devin and Tori will spend some time in New York and then return to Michigan. It has been a wonderful, trying, spectacular, laugh-filled, stressful, amazing, painful, and miraculous journey so far. I have been privileged to share the road with this team and learn from them, and this continuing on is with some sadness as well as anticipation.

Part One of our journey is closing, Part Two is opening. Thanks for journeying with us! Please stay posted for more pictures, stories, and reflections as they continue to bud and blossom…

Final push to Istanbul! / 01.12.12

Lindsey and I crossed into Turkey from Bulgaria two days ago in Edirne. Our route from Plovdiv Bulgaria to Edirne is the only part of this trip that overlapped the first trip. We connected with Durukan in Edirne, who was a key connection on our first trip our first night, who introduced us to Volkan and his family (now living in a different part of Turkey), who wound up hosting us for a week while we waited for Nakia’s Bulgarian visa that us Americans didn’t have to worry about. Durukan graciously came through again, this time finding us an amazing and generous host, Ahmed, who is a chief on a container ship and is only home for one month in four. Lucky us, this is his time home! Thank You Ahmed and Durukan!

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