Staying with Adam / 04.12.12

After we were towed up the hill by the kind truck driver (see previous post Hitching a Ride), Kallie and I felt confident that it was going to be a good day. And it was. We made it into Fethiye and met up with Adam, who took us back to his place and showed us our room–a large bedroom with a double bed and attached bathroom. Yes, the shower was hot. After some introductions and showers, we made our way into town to find the friendliest kebap store owner and the makings of a home coffee roasting operation.

Adam had been in Fethitye since October, and so far the Turkish coffee wasn’t his cup of tea (so to speak). At least not for the daily grind. So he and a couple teammates had been trying to figure out how to roast their own coffee to get fresh grounds that had the taste and roast they were looking for, using a popcorn popper. He invited us along on this excursion, and we happened to find not only the kindest kebap owner in town and a popcorn popper, but also the best baklava (honey-soaked pastry with pistachios) and Turkish Delight we’d ever tasted. Adam also invited us to join in with whatever we’d like during the three days we were there, and we did.

In the mornings the group gathers for two hours of worship and prayer, based on the House of Prayer model. There are ten or so on the team currently, plus kids, and they are spending most of their time in prayer and language learning, and getting to know the neighborhood. On Fridays they gather for a joint meal, and they often spend free time together as well. This is a group that began forming in New Zealand at the House of Prayer there, and had since followed a call to move to the Middle East. We had the privilege of experiencing morning worship and the Friday dinner, and of playing Killer Bunnies (an involved card game). I spent an evening discussing theology with Adam, and Kallie and I enjoyed some good old in-house relaxation as well.

Unfortunately for our plans, our bicycle suitcases did not come in in time, so I will fly back to Fethiye on Wednesday, when I am assured they will be waiting for me in customs. We have left our tandem at Adam’s place, and I’ll dismantle it when I go back and pick up the cases. Friday night the group prayed for us, and Saturday morning we were on our way to Istanbul. Thanks Adam and Aaron and team! It was a great stay for us!



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