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Chapter Five: Meeting Rainbows / 14.01.13


Thessaloniki. A college town on the coast of Greece, full of shopping, frappe, and social unrest. We arrived late at night with our loaded bikes after an 18 kilometer walk from the airport outside the city. Without a host, we found ourselves tired and in search of a cheap hostel to rest for the night. While waiting by a lamp post for devin to return after backtracking to find my lost bike lock cable, I made some new friends. First a boy about my age with a similarly loaded bike came over to me to introduce himself. His name was Gus, and he had been cycling by himself from his home in France for five months. Not a moment later another young man walked up and introduced himself, Martin was his name and he too was solo cycling across Europe. We all exchanged information, and within minutes were connected swapping stories of our travels, checking out each others gear, and wondering where the others were staying for the night.

After a difficult and seemingly endless day, this meeting of cycling tourists gave us a new energy and let us know we were not alone in our mission. Others just like us have the same ideas and curiosity- we were not crazy for stepping from our day to day lives to explore and let circumstances take us where they may. We really had no idea what circumstances had in mind for us later on in Greece, but it ended up being a colorful experience that would be hard to forget.

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Chapter Three: Miki’s House / 19.12.12


When riding the hills of the italian coast I reluctantly told Devin and the others that I couldnt pedal any further no matter how hard I grit my teeth or breathed through the pain. The fear of permanant injury loomed in the back of my mind and I didnt want to toy with the concequences of further strain or damage. Devin and I cycled to the nearest town and got on a train the next morning to Chiavari, Italy to meet our next host- Miki.

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Staying with Adam / 04.12.12

After we were towed up the hill by the kind truck driver (see previous post Hitching a Ride), Kallie and I felt confident that it was going to be a good day. And it was. We made it into Fethiye and met up with Adam, who took us back to his place and showed us our room–a large bedroom with a double bed and attached bathroom. Yes, the shower was hot. After some introductions and showers, we made our way into town to find the friendliest kebap store owner and the makings of a home coffee roasting operation.

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From Geneve – The Miracle of the Kindness of Strangers and Global responsibility / 17.09.12

I am Peter, who joined Andrew on the first Fueledbyrice trip.  This is my first post on this blog and I will keep it simple for now.  I have been impressed with my team mates reflections from the last two weeks.

As we rest for the second time this trip, now in Geneve with a bicycle and urban planning enthusiast who has done work in Portland and Minneapolis among other world cities, Michael, I am again reminded of why traveling by bicycle is so rewarding and unique.  Not only is it the cheapest and healthiest way, but it allows, like no other means of travel that I have experienced, one to meet strangers and experience the miracle of their kindness.  But in order for this to happen, we must do something that many Americans and increasingly, the global middleclass and wealthy, are very uncomfortable with: make ourselves vulnerable by first admitting we could use help and then, in some cases, asking for help, and finally actually accepting help and hospitality.  Although this can be difficult at first, it is this process that allows for a rich interaction between people we meet, be it asking for water (Ute and Johannes), directions (many), or hospitality (Claudia, Jess and now, Michael).  THANK YOU so much for your generosity!

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Freiburg / 04.09.12