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Bob Yak Trailer Review / 30.11.12

It is here in Turkey where we will part ways and say goodbye to our Bob Yak Trailer. “Bob” has been a trooper and has gone above and behind the call of duty, carrying twice as much as he’s rated for and going twice as fast too. We are only sending him back to the states because we are shedding some weight and for the next portion of the trip- so we will go “Bob-less” and see how it compares. Here are some of our initial impressions at 3600km of the Bob Yak trailer (about $320 at REI).

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Technology on the bike and digital workflow on the road / 13.10.12

My digital workflow has changed considerably on this bike trip. One reason for this change is because I’m traveling without a laptop (we do, however, have an iPad), and the second is because we are without electricity the majority of the time.

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My favorite things / 13.10.12


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From the back of a tandem / 23.09.12

Life has been full of changes for Andrew and I over the past few months. Andrew graduated from seminary, we got married and moved in together- just in time to move all of our stuff into storage and head out on this bike trip!

But perhaps one of the biggest adjustments so far has been to our new tandem, that people tend to refer to as “le Autobus.” Not only are we riding a tandem, we are also pulling a single-wheel trailer (who we refer to as “Bob”) making our rig even more of a spectacle.

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